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The Band Members

Here is the Bio on the members, fun reading if nothing else.


I have been playing drums since 1973; my first drum set was a Stewart 4 pc from 1968 Pearl white. I still have the kit today and in some of our show pictures you can see it. I have had a love of music my whole life and always wanted to sing. This was not to be, I never understood how my father could deal with me beating the drum set almost every day when I was growing up but he did thank dad. I played in school bands and a Junior High Jazz band 1977. That was my first time in front of a crowd of people I didn’t know on the set. I stopped for a few years’ kids, Jobs and responsibilities. I guess I never really let it go I packed that old set around with me from Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. My friends talked me into playing one night in 2010 at a Motorcycle Club party in Oklahoma and then asked if Stover (Guitar) and I would play for the bike Rally. Then it was on.

I was born in Indiana and moved when I was 21 to Ohio (Ohio - Hi in the middle and round on both ends) now I live in Illinois. I love riding the Motorcycle and playing, but my true love is my wife and kids. They have had to put up with all this as my father did those many years ago. If they asked I would quit it all but they have been very supportive includeing coming to a show now and then.

I have been playing guitar since I was about 12 years old. I love Gibson guitars and Fender Guitars (amps). I have a ton of musical influences so it is difficult to specify who my strongest influences are. However, I draw from many different genres of music and continue to search for "my sound". I greatly admire Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters for their strength to overcome and ability to set standards for modern music. In their song "My Hero" they reference the strength of the common man. I feel that we are pretty common but very unique at the same time and I am very proud of who we are and where we have been and where we are going. This band has become a passion of mine over the last two years and unlike other bands out there we have managed to become close friends with common goals and best of all "no drama". When not on stage, I love going to concerts and have attended countless shows ranging from rock legends to up and coming stars. I do not consider myself an expert at guitar or vocals but I love to see our fans having a great time at our shows because of what we do. Speaking of which, I want to say thanks to all of our dedicated fans and venues for your support and encouragement. Most of all I want to thank my wife Jessica and my son Evan who are my best fans!!


Here is a list of some of my gear!! (YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY GUITARS)


(guitars) 1963 Gibson SG, 1993 Gibson LP, 2010 Gibson Les Paul Jr., 1993 USA Fender Strat, 1983 Hardtail Strat, Epiphone Prophecy EM2, Epiphone LP, PRS hollow body, Fender Telecaster with custom neck, Mexican Telecaster, Baldwin hollow 12 string, Taylor acoustic X2, THE LIST KEEPS GROWING

(amps) Crate Vintage 30 head & cab, MESA BOOGIE 5:25, Crate 2x12, Custom built single twelve (home made), Fender Bassman, Roland Cube 60

(effects) Boss, TC Helicon, Delta Labs, DOD, Morley, MESA, MXR, Lovepedal, Line 6

(vocals) Audix OM-2, Sure 48, AKG Cobalt

(strings) Ernie Ball Coated, GHS Boomers, Clear Tone Acoustic

Words of wisdom - Favorite Quotes

All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific. - Jane Wagner

The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn. - David Russell

Never take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway. - Unknown

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